Rebooting my blog like it's 1999

My previous blog saw a little action in 2009, which then died off during 2010 and finally died completely in 2011 with a post claiming I was going to start writing a lot more… that went well.

‘tis the season for cheesy sterotypical new year’s resolutions so here we go for another attempt at a reboot. This time it’s different (I swear), I have many hobby projects that I’ve started or have plans to start in the near future and wish to write a little about them, to that end I’ve thrown together a quick Hugo setup on Netlify, this setup appears highly recommended in my twitter feed and I think the idea of simple markdown files in a git repository is a publishing process with low enough resistence that I will manage to follow it.

I’m not really sure what I want to do style wise here, the goal is to focus on the writing, not spend months bike-shedding a new website design. I’ve been far removed from the world of CSS for a little too long and feel I have a lot of reading up to do on the possibilities with flex box and CSS Grid before I embark on anything a little more personalized.