xLights-tools: Project Intro

Last January I started work on a Rust library for parsing FSEQ files, time to take it to the next level.

HashiTalks CFP 2021

A little last minute but I decided to send in a talk to the the HashiTalks CFP

What have I done? (2020 edition)

When responding to a recent request for my social media details, I quickly opened my blog and realised that I've not published anything here at all in 2020, what have I been doing?!?


After realising that I just purchased three books in the last week I decided it's time to publicly shame myself with a list of the books I have that I haven't read or haven't finished reading. So here we go, in no significant order;

Datavisualisering i samfunnet

Datavisualisering i samfunnet (data visualisation in society) was a free, half-day conference, arranged to conclude INDVIL, a 3.5 year research project administered by the University of Agder on trends and consequences of increased usage of data visualisation for communication (my paraphrasing).

Full Stack Europe 2019

A little later than I would have liked but I've finally found the time to summarise my experience at Full Stack Europe.

CukenFest 2019

I'm just back home from an inspirational couple of days at CukenFest, time for a quick summary while things are still fresh in my head.

Office Christmas Tree: Modelling in xLights

Time to catch up on my blogging plans for this project before moving on to the next one. The next step in the process was to create a model of my Christmas tree in xLights so that xLights knows how it looks, then create some simple sequences to be run when the status of builds in Jenkins changes.

Oslo Elm Day

Last weekend I attended Oslo Elm Day. Oslo Elm Day is an two track conference of talks regarding the Elm language with 174 attendees. Personally I'm quite excited about the promise of writing applications that can't crash at runtime and want to learn more.

Mirroring to a Projector From Linux

While I'm reasonably comfortable running Linux on the desktop these days, connecting to a projector has always been a challenge, until yesterday when I finally found the right link on the internet to explain what I needed.