Three tips for hardening microservice database access (JavaZone 2022)

This week I had the privilege of holding a talk at the JavaZone conference in Oslo.

Bulk renaming terraform resources

Recently I wrote a script to bulk rename terrraform resources and thought this might be useful to share with others.

Increasing your range in Terraform

The first Terraform trick I learnt while solving Advent of Code in Terraform.

Advent of Code in Terraform

Advent of Code is a calendar of small programming puzzles, this year I tried to solve them in Terraform

K8s network policies break service encapsulation

I've been looking into how to make use of Kubernetes network policies and had a surprising realisation.

Yesterday I learnt

A quick update to my daily routines

Sorting numerically in Terraform

Terraform's sort function only sorts lexicographically. What do you do if you want numerical sorting?

Gitpod and hledger

A quick tip for how to configure Gitpod when working with hledger data.

appinsights-surefire-action: Notable Alternatives

GitHub Actions and Jenkins are far from the only options for implementing build pipelines, but before I continue I wanted to highlight two notable alternatives.

appinsights-surefire-action: Project Intro

Using GitHub Actions for build pipelines instead of tried and tested Jenkins, I was missing a feature, so of course I decided to hack together a solution.